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Here to be socially responsible

The socially responsible project 'Show Your Heart', launched in 2021 by Life and Vaš pregled polyclinics specializing in medical sports examinations, has significantly impacted athletes' health.

Initially created to improve their health and protection and to address the challenges caused by more intense training, it has evolved into a relevant and respectable project.

This is in response to the growing need for more frequent and elaborate proactive checkups, which have been met with great success over the years.

The project not only educates athletes but also offers them free preventive screenings, including a 12-channel ECG test, eye and hearing tests, spirometry, and anthropometric measurements.

So far, over 150 proactive checkups have been organized and carried out across Croatia, benefiting over 5,000 athletes from different sports. These athletes have also participated in more than 100 educational sessions organized nationwide.

The project's impact is further amplified by the involvement of former Croatian soccer national team players - Ivica Olić, Vedran Ćorluka, and Mario Mandžukić. Their role as ambassadors and commitment to maintaining athletes' health is of the utmost importance and is a source of inspiration for all.

With the 'Show Your Heart' project, we are here to make a difference in the lives of athletes and contribute to the overall well-being of our society.

Together, we can make a difference in athlete's health.
Play together, and feel better!

Our fundamental goal is to raise awareness of the importance of preventive examinations of young athletes by conducting them promptly, at different places, and in many other sports as possible. We are here to examine, educate, and SAVE THEIR LIVES.














Here to empower sports professionals

We brought together a wide range of sports experts – coaches, kinesiologists, nutritionists, doctors, physiotherapists, and many more – to participate in our mission. Over the past year, we have conducted free educational sessions and hands-on workshops, focusing on essential first-aid techniques like CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and the use of AEDs (automated external defibrillators). Through these initiatives, we helped sports professionals be better prepared for emergencies.

We empower through actions, education, and learning.

Covering all sports

Basketball, handball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, waterpolo, athletics—you name it. We are here for all sports, either team or individual. The 'Show Your Heart' project is not just about preventive checkups; it's about improving and saving lives. So far, we have conducted preventive examinations of athletes in over 30 different sports disciplines, ensuring their safe and carefree future in sports.


Mario Mandžukić
Ivica Olić
Luka Ivanušec & Mislav Oršić

Andrej Kramarić, football player

Most people often underestimate the importance of good health and need to be made aware that a single game can never be more important than the health of the only heart we have. As professional athletes, we are exposed to significant stress and pressure every day. In every practice, you have to go way beyond your limits. Being competitive, you always want to give your best, but sometimes your body cannot handle it. It is tough to watch when something terrible happens, especially to those close to you. Education is, therefore, essential for all of us, especially younger guys, to know how to react in an emergency. I am happy that I received all the necessary education, but I also hope that no one ever will need my help.

Free Preventive Health Examinations

  • 12-channel ECG test

  • eye and hearing test

  • spirometry

  • anthropometric measurements

  • personal and family medical history

  • auscultation

  • echocardiography, pulmonary and abdominal checkup

  • blood pressure and pulse measurement

  • consultation and clinical examination by the specialist

  • final opinion of the doctor with preparticipation physical evaluation (PPE) certificate to practice sports

If there are indications for individual athletes, additional medical examinations will be conducted, including ultrasound, heart ergometry, and all other necessary checkups.

The "Show Your Heart" Symposium Setting Standards in Sports Medicine Education

As a highlight of our educational efforts, we hosted one of the highest-level professional conferences in this area of Europe, featuring the world's leading experts in sports medicine.


The "Show Your Heart" Symposium assembled the leading experts in the field, who shared the latest knowledge, research, methods, and practices for optimizing sports performance.



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