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International Conference of Sports Medicine, 2023

The "Show Your Heart" Conference brought together the most distinguished experts in sports medicine. It focused on the latest research, methods, and practices for optimizing sports performance and preventing potential problems, diseases, and injuries related to high-level sports.

Because only innovations in sports medicine can lead to success on and off the court.


International Conference of Sports Medicine, 2022

On this occasion, the whole medical department of Real Madrid F.C. visited Croatia for the first time, led by the club's head of medical, Dr. Niko Mihić, along with their prominent physician, Dr. Jose Lopez Chichiarro, chief physiotherapists of the first team, Pedro Belon Perez and David Escriva Dominguez, and fitness manager Antonio Pintus.


The Show Your Heart Conference on sports medicine was held on September 22nd at Kaptol Boutique Cinema in Zagreb, Croatia.


National sports medicine conference:


DATE: 25/05/2023

LOCATION: Varaždin, Croatia

Protecting health in increasingly demanding pro athletic careers was a burning topic of this "Show Your Heart" Conference. Eminent doctors and experts in health and sports gathered at the University Center Varaždin (The University North) and highlighted all the new insights based on research and their own experiences working with pro athletes. They emphasized proper and timely healthcare as one of the fundamental pillars of professional sports for athletes' safe and carefree future.


DATE: 12/10/2023

LOCATION: Osijek, Croatia

The 'Show Your Heart' project, a unique initiative, was showcased during the Croatia versus Turkey qualifying match for the UEFA Euro 2024 at the Opus Arena stadium in Osijek. A sports medicine conference, held in partnership with the University of Osijek and the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health, emphasized the crucial role of health in sports and highlighted various ways to enhance well-being. This collaboration sought to spotlight the intersection of sports and health, focusing on supporting the health of professional athletes and addressing similar concerns in the wider community.


DATE: 25/10/2023.

LOCATION: Pula, Croatia

The "Show Your Heart" sports medicine conference in partnership with the University of Pula and the Faculty of Medicine in Pula, is making waves in promoting sports health. The event has seen an outstanding turnout from both locals and athletes, taking advantage of free health check-ups. This underscores the significance of proactive health care in nurturing a strong sports culture.

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