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We continue to organize medical examinations of athletes

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Completed Athlete Health Examinations

Our Journey: Medical Tests for Athletes in Multiple Cities

Explore the cities where our proactive checkups and educational sessions for athletes have been performed so far. Discover the locations we visited to improve health and performance of athletes. Follow our journey to see how we enhanced the well-being of athletes in different regions.


The latest projects


Dinamo Zagreb - Rudeš Football Match

DATE: 26/05/2024
LOCATION: Maksimir Stadium, Zagreb, Croatia

The Show Your Heart project, founded to transform the lives and health of children and adults through sport and physical activity, soon became a crucial component of giving back to the community we are part of. Therefore, being part of major football events like the end-of-the-season match between Dinamo and Rudeš is of extreme value for us while trying to become a leading advocate for safety and accessibility in professional sports. 
This collaboration was made even more significant by incorporating some healthy methods, as well as the education of the athletes, accompanied by visitor screenings, all free of charge.

Active Croatia

DATE: 25/05/2024
LOCATION: Vodice, Croatia

The leading Croatian sports and educational project ‘Aktivna Hrvatska’ (Active Croatia), launched in 2012 to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, highlights the concern for youth with a particular emphasis on children and youth obesity because, according to the latest data, as many as 35% of eight-year-olds in Croatia are overweight.

We joined them in Vodice, on the Dalmatian coast, where our Show Your Heart team made a significant impact by conducting over 80 health screenings, including blood pressure measurements, blood sugar tests, and additional general health checks. This initiative, aimed at raising awareness of the importance of physical education, especially among youth, is of crucial importance in improving the well-being of people across the country.


Bravo! KIDS

DATE: 24/05/2024.
LOCATION: Županja, Croatia

We came to Županja to join Bravo Feel Radio and their praiseworthy Bravo! KIDS project.
"Who Runs the World? KIDS" was created to encourage children to engage more in sports. On that occasion, our expert team of doctors from Vas Pregled Polyclinic, who are deeply committed to the health and well-being of athletes, conducted more than 70 preventive checkups, ensuring the young athletes were training and living healthy.

Furthermore, we held a one-hour course on basic first aid and health care, including ten demonstration exercises. Vaš pregled Polyclinic has been dedicated to the health and well-being of athletes since its beginning, providing them with top-quality medical care and education so that every athlete can train safely and effectively.

Charity Concerts

Here to Raise Awareness


in Karlovac

The Croatian band Dalmatino, renowned for their role in the 'Show Your Heart' project, a project we all hold dear, has been a pivotal force in its growth and recognition. Their concert at the Mladost concert hall in Karlovac on February 16, 2024, was a testament to their influence. It brought together all generations and touched the hearts of many, regardless of age, a cause for pride and investment in its success. The event was a benefit concert, and on this momentous occasion, a life-saving defibrillator was generously donated to the Tennis Club Karlovac. This act is a powerful initiative to the impact of our collective support, demonstrating how our efforts can directly contribute to saving lives.

Vesna Pisarović

in Cibona

The entire arena was filled with excitement as fans enjoyed an incredible concert by beloved Croatian singer Vesna Pisarovic. The audience enthusiastically sang along to her greatest hits. At the same time, Pisarovic showcased her charitable nature by participating in this special event in Zagreb. This unique concert was part of the "Show Your Heart" project, which supports young athletes and aims to improve their health. This event's funding went to the Football Association of Zagreb County, enabling them to obtain a life-saving device - a valuable automatic external defibrillator.

Mate Mišo Kovač

in Split, Croatia

The Legend's unrelenting spectacular performance in Split, Croatia, was more than a perfect introduction to a series of live concerts promoting the "Show Your Heart" project. This iconic Croatian singer, showing no signs of slowing down, delivered an unforgettable multiple-hour set of his greatest hits and some special guest stars. The event brought unbelievable media attention to the whole story. It was vital to charity since a defibrillator was donated to the University Hospital of Split.

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